Jiangsu New Oriental Culinary School, which is located in Nanjing, is one of the best training schools in Jiangsu province. The school aims to cultivate the professional chefs for all the fine restaurants and high-end hotels. Both Jiangsu New Oriental and ASMI are in the pursuit of delivering the best foods, which allowed the co-operation to happen. 

This year, the one-week program from February 27th to March 2nd consisted of two parts: theoretical lectures and demonstration/hands-on class. The theoretical lectures mainly focused on the features of Alaska seafood, including the ways to defrost, prepare and store Alaska seafood. Altogether, there were 320 students attending the lectures. A professional chef from a famous restaurant in Nanjing was also invited to coach the students during the demonstration session.  During the demonstration classes, the students were divided into several groups, and Alaska sockeye salmon, pacific cod, yellow fin sole and Pollock roe were highlighted during the courses. 

The course gained great acclaim among students. Through this program, students have learned more about Alaska seafood and have gained some useful experience as well.

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