With the support and help of traders from all over China, Alaska seafood products have been widely accepted and recognized by consumers in China and the sales conditions have been increased every year as well. In order to express our gratitude to all the traders and to meet new friends, ASMI China conducts several trader gathering dinners at some major cities around China every year. 

In this March, ASMI conducted 2 annual trader gathering dinners in mainland China and Hong Kong. The first gathering dinner took place at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong on March 6th and there were about 60 traders, as well as Eric Kuss, Director of ATO Hong Kong, attended the gathering in Hong Kong. The chef from the hotel designed a 4-course menu for the gathering using Alaska seafood and all the dishes were cooked in Western style. 

And on the evening of March 28th, another trader gathering dinner was held at Sheraton Hotel in Chengdu. There were around 50 traders and Ms. Chander Beckman, who is director of ATO chengdu, in the gathering in Chengdu. The courses were mainly in Sichuan style this time and different varieties of Alaska seafood was used as the ingredient of spicy boiled fish which was highly appreciated by the guests.

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